Selling Personal Property or Commercial

The first step is the consultation and evaluation of the items in question. This most likely would need to be completed onsite (for free) so that we can get a better understanding of the quality and quantity of items you are interested in selling. During this meeting we will discuss what items are sellable and which are better donated. After this initial consultation visit, we will then determine if either a live auction or an online auction, located onsite or at our Newark warehouse, would be the best solution. Most of our auctions are done online and we tend to get more money with this avenue since we can picture, catalog, and even ship items for consumers all over the world. The percentage/commission rates vary based on the value of the items. With almost any auction company, especially those using the online platform, costs of moving, processing and marketing are also assessed. We believe that great marketing is key to the success of auctions and do our best to ensure buyers know about our auctions.  When the auction becomes live online, pre-bidding begins. Like a live auction, people will wait until the last few minutes to put in their maximum bid and it is always exciting to see how much the item will go for! The final step of the auction is pick-up. After the auction closes, the buyers will come to the warehouse (or the onsite location) to retrieve the items they won. 

Upcoming Auctions